Graphik: Bulletpoint Abstracts issue 1/2018 (English)

Silvia Dallinger: Prince Eugene and Turkish Cannonball – The Ottoman Sieges and their Viennese Monuments between Unseen Existence and Meaningful Presence

There are about 150 monuments in Vienna, which commemorate the so-called »Turkish Sieges of Vienna«. Over hundreds of years these Turkish sieges, especially the second Ottoman Siege of Vienna in 1683, have been adopted and updated as the end of a long lasting threat by »the Oriental other«. The article aims at deconstructing allegedly objective and generally accepted representations of 1683 as well as wants to show their social constructedness. By using a presentist approach, i. e. one focussing on contemporary receptions of »Turkish monuments«, it appears possible to uncover manifold historical narratives as well as various concrete, especially alternative usages of the »Turkish commemoration« and its monuments. Thereby it can be shown that 1683 is not »only« history, but has the potential to offer several forms of identification for various groups.

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