Graphik: Bulletpoint Abstracts issue 2/2018 (English)

Alexander Hamedinger: The Smart City in Selected Small- and Medium-sized Austrian Cities from an Actors- and Processes-oriented Perspective of Governance – Transformation of Urban Governance?

The smart city represents currently an influential model, which basically promises to realize – ¬based on the intensive use of new technologies (mainly IC) – an urban development, which is energy efficient, protects environmental resources and enhances the quality of life of all inhabitants. Smart city governance predominantly defines, which and through which structures and processes actors are involved and how structures and processes within local political-administrative systems are changed. This article focuses on understanding and qualifying the smart city governance of three selected Austrian small- and medium-sized cities in terms of actors, constellations of actors and the potential of transforming urban governance. The empirical analysis exhibits that these potentials are only partially realized in these cities (also in different formats), mainly due to different contextual factors.

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