Graphik: Bulletpoint Abstracts issue 2/2018 (English)

Andrea Brait/ Claus Oberhauser: Social Scientific Methods in Research on Didactics of History. Potentials and Challenges on the Basis of Expert Interviews and Teaching Observations

The didactics of History has established itself as an independent scientific subdiscipline in the last few years, but it is understood as part of History. Nevertheless, in empirical studies, which present one of three pillars, in addition to theory and pragmatics, hardly historical, but mainly social scientific methods in regard to data collection are applied. However, due to the connection to specific historical theories, results are possibly interpreted in a different way, even though similar technical methods are used. A major field of research is the history lesson in schools. Expert interviews serve, in particular, on the one hand to determine the planning, action and subjective theories of teachers. Teaching observations, on the other hand, are an important way to explore learning processes.

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