Graphik: Bulletpoint Abstracts issue 3/2018 (English)

Helga Fasching/ Katharina Felbermayr/ Astrid Hubmayer: Cooperation for Inclusion in Educational Transitions

The transition from secondary level (SEC) I to SEC II or to employment entails a great challenge for young adults with disabilities. In many cases this is due to lack of or poor cooperation between adolescents with disabilities, parents, families and support providers inside and outside school. The research project »Cooperation for Inclusion in Educational Transitions« (project number: P-29291-G29, 2016–2019, project leader: Helga Fasching), funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), acknowledges the importance of participatory cooperation for successful transitions and focuses precisely on examining, how the abovementioned actors cooperate with each other in the transition process. In order to do so, 20 longitudinal case studies are extracted and analysed, using Constructivist Grounded Theory by Charmaz (2014). In reference to the participatory approach, where research interpretations and research findings are continually evaluated by so-called »reflecting teams«, the research project’s main aim is to contribute to a better understanding of participative cooperation and its role in the management of the educational transitions of young adults with disabilities.

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