Graphik: Bulletpoint Abstracts issue 4/2018 (English)

Elke Rajal: Education Against Antisemitism? Possibilities and Limitations for Antisemitism-­critical Educational Work

This article discusses the relationship between education and antisemitism. The aim is to develop perspectives for a successful educational work against antisemitism. To this end, the question, to what extent antisemitism is a »problem of education«, is being explored. Afterwards, an overview of the current Austrian situation of instructions on the topic of antisemitism in school, youth work and adult education is presented, which unavoidably remains fragmentary, because of a lack of data. From this, some pitfalls in educational work on antisemitism are derived. The contribution focuses on a normative definition of antisemitism-critical educational work as well as on practical suggestions, which also include an excursus on islamized antisemitism. The article points out that education per se does not protect against antisemitism. However, educational work, which takes antisemitism seriously as a structural and individual phenomenon and addresses antisemitism in the historical longitudinal approach and differentiates between the various forms, can significantly contribute to a reduction of antisemitism.

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