Graphik: Bulletpoint Abstracts issue 3/2018 (English)

Philipp Altmann: Good Life as Gender Equitable Critique of Growth? Reflections on the Relation Between Culture and Nature in the Buen Vivir/ Sumak Kawsay of Ecuador

The term »Buen Vivir« or »Sumak Kawsay« originated in Ecuador within the indigenous movement and has spread since the year 2000. This dissemination led to a further articulation of the term with other central notions of the indigenous movement, such as pluri-nationality, as well as to a detachment from these indigenous political concepts and a link to social justice ideas outside the movement. This article goes beyond previous attempts to read Buen Vivir in terms of »degrowth« and will focus on the link between de-colonial growth criticism, political reform, and a reformation of gender relations. An analysis of evidence of the constitution of gender in central texts on the good life is trying to trace the fundamental criticism of the relationship between culture and nature of the indigenous movement.

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