Graphik: Bulletpoint Abstracts issue 3/2018 (English)

David F.J. Campbell/ Matthias Keppel: An Analysis of the Austrian National Election Campaign and the National Parliamentary Election of 2017: a Short Comparative Assessment of the National Parliamentary Election 2017 with the Austrian Pre

The article analyses the Austrian National Parliamentary election campaign and the Austrian National Parliamentary election of 2017. In the understanding of an explorative or experimental approach and attempt, the National Parliamentary election of 2017 will also be compared with the Austrian Presidential election of 2016. The election campaign can be used to demonstrate the importance of the growing role of the new social media and of the internet, and the arising scandals, which were associated with them. The election results also reveal a »center-right- / right«-voter majority for ÖVP and FPÖ, whereas in the final ballot of the Presidential election of 2016 the »left« candidate Alexander Van der Bellen won. The National Parliamentary elections are based on the logic of a proportional representation and electoral formula, whereas the Federal Presidential elections have partially the characteristics of a majority election. Thus the question arises whether alternative types of electoral law can lead to alternative effects, and whether a majority-oriented (non-proportional) electoral formula and law can lead to more frequent sequences of political left and right swings.

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