Graphik: Bulletpoint Abstracts issue 3/2018 (English)

Brandmayr/ Mitterhofer/ Vogler/ Fritsche/ Madlung: The Political in Social Media and the Example of Facebook: New Challenges for a Civic Education

Social media-platforms, such as Facebook, are influencing political discourses to the extent that concepts of civic education must be renewed. This article presents first findings of a research project conducted at the University of Innsbruck. We follow the assumption that it is crucial for a new civic education to understand structures and processes within social media that are selecting and changing the modes of political debates – and so the political itself. The article shows methodic approaches and first findings of a project regarding a new understanding of the political and by giving an example for this. These are tendencies of an emotionalization of the political as well as a rhetorical division in »we« and »the others«. These elements can also be identified in the media, supported by the design of articles, images and symbols. In our example we show how these tendencies are to be identified and what options civic education has to deal with them. The demonstrated example can thus be regarded as a proposal for the practice of civic education.

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