Graphik: Bulletpoint Archive: Abstracts issue 3/2011 (English)

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Markus Hadler / Gerhard Kaup: Waning Protests and Relentless Recyclers – Comparing Environmental Behavior of Austrians in 1994/ 95, 2001, and 2010

This article analyzes changes and determinants of environmental actions in the Austrian population since 1994/ 95. Two different types of action are being considered here. First, private actions, such as no longer driving a car and recycling, and, second, public actions such as taking part in demonstrations or signing petitions. Using representative survey data, a decline in public actions can be reported while private actions have remained relatively stable. Further, public actions are being influenced strongly by values and attitudes, but to a lesser extent by social structural factors. Private actions, on the other hand, are more often determined by social structural factors such as age, gender, and economic activity.

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