Graphik: Bulletpoint Archive: Abstracts issue 3/2011 (English)

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Ingo Haltermann: From Allday-hazard to Desaster – the Change of Natural Hazards and their Perception, a Case Study of Accra/ Ghana

The cities, especially in the developing and emerging countries, are growing rapidly. With the geographical proximity, the newcomers are hoping for an enhancement of their living standard, so that they even bear to settle in spaces of enormous risks. It is predicted that climate change will intensify these risks through the extension of extreme weather conditions and sea level rise. The result: more and more people are living in increasingly risky spaces. But how is the actual perception of these risks, when even disastrous events did not seem to have any influence on the settling of those spaces? Research in Accra/ Ghana has now shown that the perpetuality of risk exposition lowers the notion and remembrance even of extreme events. This makes adaptations to risks, especially in relation to climate change, increasingly challenging.

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