Graphik: Bulletpoint Archive: Abstracts issue 2/2014 (English)

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Peter Filzmaier/ Flooh Perlot/ Martina Zandonella: Elections in Austria 2013. Voting Behaviour, Voter Transitions and Emerging Parties

In 2013, the federal parliament, along with four state parliaments, was elected in Austria. While the specific conditions varied, the elections saw also the successful rise of newly emerging parties, first of all of the Team Stronach. The article presents some empirical findings on voting behaviour, motives and voter transitions and tries to give an overview on possible success-factors for new parties. The data show quite different party choices between men and women as a manifestation of a gender gap and between younger and older voters as a generation gap again. Team Stronach benefitted especially from former FPÖ-/ BZÖ-voters and from the support of (younger)men.

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