Graphik: Bulletpoint Archive: Abstracts issue 2/2014 (English)

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Nina-Sophie Fritsch: Why Women Scientists Leave University. A Biographic Case Analysis of Reasons for Leaving Based on the Austrian University System

Advanced positions at universities are still dominated by men. Existing research concentrates on the reasons for this imbalance. In line with this, the present article analyses reasons for women’s self-chosen retreat of leaving in an attempt to expand the variety of available explanations for unequal gender relations by applying an additional dimension. The data are based on ten ­qualitative interviews with female scientists who filled different professional positions, but retreated from the university system within the last three years. The results are presented in the form of a case analysis: In terms of the major reasons for retreat, attention is focused on instability and a lack of perspective in occupational relationships, the gender-specific allocation of working processes, and difficulties associated with reconciling private and professional obligations.

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