Graphik: Bulletpoint Archive: Abstracts issue 2/2014 (English)

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Bernhard Krieger/ Verena Grubmüller/ Claudia Schäfer: Ethic Challenges for Social Scientific Analysis of Social Media Content

Ten years after the launch of Facebook, social-media-analysis (SMA) technologies make it possible for scientific institutions as well as public authorities to investigate Web 2.0 postings of citizens in socially relevant policy fields such as migrant integration. Using the case of the European Commission’s funded research and development project »UniteEurope«, this article examines the ethical conditions that are necessary for such analysis. Thereby, two aspects appear to be crucial: On the one hand, this article raises questions of privacy of the original authors who posted the researched content. On the other hand, the article also explores possible measures that social-media-analysis technologies can employ in order to consider the missing representativeness of the Internet, without introducing a quantitative weighting of results.

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